OLFOMED company actively implements the complex supply and installation of a “clean” premises under the “key” for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Provides complete support, from conceptual design to enter the facility in operation. Specialists have acquired experience due to “clean” the premises of the European producers, one of which is Variop (Germany).


Design, fabrication and installation of “clean” premises is performed in accordance with all existing national and European regulations and standards that guarantee quality designs and installation.


Planning and implementation of projects carried out at the level of modern technical capabilities, taking into account regional and national norms and conditions. Integrated technological approach of engineers to design a “clean” rooms-is a compelling argument in favour of the choice of the company OLFOMED.


The application of modern technologies in construction and design of the “clean” premises ensures high levels of successful implementation of the project. Thanks to the acquired experience of the company OLFOMED always achieves positive results separately for the work performed.



  • Modular system enables flexible conduct of Assembly and readjustment of the “clean” premises if necessary.
  • Use of door blocks mechanical handbook to ensure tightness.
  • Use fillet zakruglenoï wall/ceiling.
  • The use of polymeric powder paint resistant to constant washing disinfectant and protimìkrobnimi.
  • Great selection of colors of polymeric powder paint according to the RAL range.
  • All designs and elements of “clean” premises for aesthetic appearance can farbuvatisâ in one color.
  • The height of the wall panels can reach from 2500 to 6000 mm.
  • The thickness of the steel wall, ceiling and door units to 1 mm.
  • Use ceiling hatches, which facilitates service access ceiling space.
  • Use blinds inside the window units.
  • The use of sealed lamps.
  • The design of fire resistance 45 EÌ.


  • Wall tile panels
  • Made of “sandwich” panels
  • Suction blocks with grating
  • “Ceiling light panel
  • Ceiling “sandwich” panels
  • Lamps for general purpose
  • Povìtrorozpodìlûvačì of the grating
  • Door units
  • Extensible doors
  • Window blocks with internal shutter
  • Transmitting window
  • Transmitting gateways
  • NERA filters, laminar flow modules
  • Filters coarse purification
  • The system of air conditioning
  • The ventilation system
  • Ctrumoprovìdne PVC floor coverings