Ventilation and air conditioning system for a “Cleanroom”

Compared with conventional methods of prevention and treatment of infection, aimed at fighting and destruction of already existing in the building of micro-organisms, distinction of “clean room” is a constant air flow to remove microorganisms and creating a reliable barrier to an existing outside of the “clean room” microflora.

Ventilation system and air conditioning provides the microclimate and air environment in “clean rooms” at the expense of efficient cleaning, as a rule, three-level and germicidal irradiation priplivnogo. In operating rooms, patient training areas (narkoznih) and postoperative Chambers internal air purification should be achieved on the multiplicity of health over 10.

A rational organization of the air flow, which allows guaranteed to avoid air flows with less clean areas in a more friendly.

Supply of air in the area of the operating table in the operating room is made reflect the lamìnarnim stream, which creates an air corridor with a multiplicity of health and allows you to reach the most high level of purity.