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Separate drying significantly increases the throughput of washing disinfectants. The drying cabinets provide safe and fast drying of instruments and anesthesia bags thanks to the high-quality AISI 304 construction and the drying efficiency of the HEPA 14 filter. The pass-through version with double doors for installation of the barrier reduces cross-contamination, effectively optimizing infection control.


❖ Processing power

❖ Simultaneous processing of one urine bottle and one rack with lid or up to two urine bottles.

❖ Washing efficiency

❖ Fixed and rotating nozzles ensure optimal distribution of water inside and outside the treated items for optimal washing efficiency.

❖ Device for self-disinfection

❖ Steam is supplied through the washing nozzles to ensure complete disinfection of the washing circuit during each process.

❖ Hands-free opening

❖ The opening of the door is controlled by an infrared sensor, which allows you to load without any physical contact with the washing machine.

❖ Efficiency of drying and cooling

❖ A highly efficient drying/cooling system with a HEPA 14 filter provides even and fast drying, guaranteeing fast drying and cooling of all containers.

❖ Convenient display

❖ A convenient control panel with an LED display, equipped with self-diagnostics. An LCD display is available as an option.

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