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The DS 1000 Series of washer-disinfectors offers a complete washing, thermal disinfection treatment, and drying of all types of surgical instruments, with a processing capacity for up to 18 DIN trays. Specially designed to meet the increasing reprocessing demands of modern CSSD, this series of reliable, high-performance machines guarantees efficient and tested washing and thermal-disinfection results. HEPA-filtered H14 forced air drying distribution grants a perfect distribution of air on all chamber parts and basket levels, ensuring the complete inside and outside drying of all the surgical instruments and tubes, the reduction of overall reprocessing time, and maximum safety.

Available as a single door or double door for barrier application versions, the DS 1000 Series can also be ordered in a narrow frame configuration, reducing its width to just 900mm. Loading and unloading washing carts operations can be done at an ergonomic height using manual or automatic transfer conveyors. DS 1000 washer-disinfectors range can, in fact, be equipped with Steelco ATS (Automatic Transfer System) automation for washing loading racks.


DS 1000


Standard frame - width 1100 mm

The display is located on the side of the camera.


Overall dimensions WxDxH - standard and fast cycle:

1100 x 960 x 1940 mm


Chamber volume:

~500 liters


Volume for baskets:

~350 liters



Up to 18 DIN 1/1 trays

DS 1000 N.png

DS 1000 N


Вузька рама – ширина 900 мм

Дисплей розташований у верхній частині камери.


Габаритні розміри ШxГxВ – стандартний і швидкий цикл 1S:

900 x 960 x 1940 мм


Габаритні розміри ШxГxВ – швидкий цикл 2S і 3S:

900 x 960 x 2620 мм


Об'єм камери:

~500 л


Обсяг для кошиків:

~350 л



До 18 лотків DIN 1/1

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