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PanelMedia XL.png

PanelMedia XL, 48 ”and 55” 4K are widescreen medical PCs that allow IT departments to install their own PC-compatible software and peripherals.


Thanks to the optional Video-Connect package, PanelMedia XL (48 ”and 55” 4K) also allows you to connect up to 4 different video sources (CV, VGA / RGB, SDI and DVI) and display in PIP mode (Picture IN Picture).


With PanelMedia XL you:

- Connect via a local network to PACS or another DICOM server

- Connect to the hospital information system via the local network

- Visualize video sources in the operating room

The keyboard/keyboard or mouse interface is the easiest and fastest way to interact with PanelMedia XL computer functions, and to select video sources and PIP mode.

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