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Specially designed peripherals to the SurgiMedia® range, various modules and video peripherals allow you to expand the functions of collection and communication, even the number of video sources or computer. The high-resolution SmartCAM HD camera, SD and HD cameras with an external PTZ environment (for Pan/Tilt/Zoom) are fully controlled via the tactile interface of SurgiMedia® systems. Such as software or hardware video conferencing modules are also controlled by a specially designed interface and are compatible with all professional video conferencing devices.

Designed for the SurgiMedia® range, various video converters offer the ability to interface any video signal or computer device. The full range is CE-certified, all video converters can be used in the operating room.

Single-input video converters allow you to convert a single signal from CV/ YC, VGA/RGB, SD/HD/3G-SDI and DVI to two HD video outputs: HD-SDI and DVI.

Multi-format video selector/converter processors allow you to connect up to 6 inputs CV, Y-C, SOG, VGA/RGB, SD/HD/3G-SDI and DVI and choose the one that can be transmitted to SurgiMedia®. The selection can be made manually on the front panel or via the optional SurgiMedia® interface. As for video modules, PIP / PAP functions are integrated.

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