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Surgical Lights EPURE are the best-developed design and innovation that makes innovation accessible to all. The EPURE dome contains 8 modules with 4 LEDs each. Filled with exclusive innovations, the EPURE surgical light is a modern solution for high-quality illumination of the operating field.



Technology:                                                               LED

Maximum illumination (Ec):                                      160,000 Lux

Light intensity adjustment:                              from 50,000 to 160,000 Lux

Endoscopic mode:                                             “ENDO” Yes: <500 lux

D10 Maximum field diameter:                                        26 cm

D50 Minimum field diameter:                                        18 cm

Color rendering index:                                                 Ra 96

Red color rendering index:                                            R9 96

Focus depth:                                                  L1 + L2 (60% Ec) 128 cm

Color temperature:                                           from 3500°K to 4500°K

Focusing FocusmaticTM Technology:

- Electronic adjustment of the diameter of the lighting field while maintaining the same light intensity

- Lack of mechanical engines

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