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Surgical lights X1ST are compact and functional surgical lights that uses efficient and state-of-the-art LED technology that makes it the best in terms of price / quality.



Technology: LED

Maximum illumination (Ec): 100,000 Lyuks

Light intensity adjustment: from 50,000 to 100,000 Lux

Endoscopic mode: “ENDO” Yes: <500 lux

D10 Maximum field diameter: 27 cm

D50 Minimum field diameter: 14 cm

Color rendering index: Ra 90      

Depth of focus: L1 + L2 (60% Ec) 120 cm

Color temperature: 4000°K

Consumption: 75 Watts

Service life: > 60,000 hours

Protection class: IP54

Dome weight: 6 kg

Focusing Technology FocusmaticTM:

- Electronic regulation of the diameter of the lighting field while maintaining the same intensity of light

- Absence of mechanical movements

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